International canyoning training programs by V7 Academy allow you to learn canyoning online. Complete canyoning training courses from beginner to advanced. Pictured here is a person rappelling down a waterfall in a canyon in New Zealand; the person is hanging on a rope using a Seland wetsuit and Adidas Hydrolace shoes, and uses a canyoning descender to rappel down safely.

Complete Canyoning Training Programs

V7 Academy's canyoning training courses are designed to offer a broad approach to our sport's variables: essential knowledge that goes a long way. Learn best practices and tools to support your preparation in and out of the canyon. Get not only the latest canyoning technical knowledge but also valuable soft skills that will make you a better canyoneer.

Your skills, your choice.

Clear instructional videos teach you techniques being performed in the context of the canyon environment, in real case scenarios. See techniques being used in real canyoning descents, by professional canyoning instructors that focus on your learning experience.







Our Courses

The V7 Academy courses are available for everyone. Click below to find out more.

Canyoning Level 1

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Canyoning Level 2

Essential canyoning technical skills for safe practice. For everyone.

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Online canyoning courses
Learn canyoning courses online with V7 Academy. Advanced canyoning techniques can be found on the Pictured here is a canyoneer using a releasable system while wearing a Seland wetsuit and Adidas Hydrolace shoes, and a white helmet with the V7 Academy logo. He is using a Kordas rope to set up a releasable system.

Watch it. On repeat.

Our learning platform allows you to view the content on your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone from anywhere in the world. Review the lessons as many times as you need to master the content. Create lists with your favorite modules and save them for quick reference. Learning canyoning has never been so accessible.

Online Canyoning Training courses by V7 Academy allow you to learn canyoning from home, office or field. Picture here are 3 people canyoning in New Zealand in a dark passage.

Live mentorship

Learning canyoning online with V7 Academy is more than just watching videos: it means interacting with your V7 Mentors on 1-on-1 sessions where you can review your knowledge and get additional tips from leading professionals in the field: personalize your learning experience according to your ambitions. Give more focus on what you want to achieve and step up your canyoning practice.

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Advanced canyoning technical skills for anyone. V7 Academy's hybrid teaching program allows you to learn canyoning from anywhere, anytime. Pictured here is a person jumping into a whitewater pool in a canyon in New Zealand. The person is using a Seland wetsuit and Adidas Hydrolace canyoning shoes. Jumping in the canyon can be done safely if some preventive measures can be done before committing.

Contribute and grow

Join V7 Academy and become part of a growing community of passionate canyoneers with one goal: to share and contribute to the development of safe and fun canyoning practice worldwide. Social forums and exclusive content, for everyone.

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Learn anywhere, anytime.

Escape the limitations of time and geographical location: learn canyoning online with V7 Academy.

Advanced canyoning rigging techniques

Advanced Rigging

Learn optimization for the rope set-ups and increase your efficiency when progressing in the canyon. Discover new ways to optimize the use of your canyoning equipment.

canyoning rescue techniques

Quick Rescue

Be prepared to respond when the need arises. Essential canyoning rescue maneuvres. Includes self-rescue and teammate rescue techniques

canyoning whitewater courses


Get valuable knowledge to experience whitewater canyoning safely. Learn how to overcome tricky whitewater obstacles with real-case scenarios.

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