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Learn canyoning and canyoneering rigging techniques with the V7 Academy Level 2 online canyoning training course. Designed to give you the skills and knowledge to go canyoning independently into moderate-risk canyons. Become confident on rigging and situational awareness to practice canyoning safely anywhere in the world.

The most complete online canyoning training course.

Learn everything you need to be a skilled canyoneer. Canyoning rigging techniques, on-rope progression, managing jumps and slides, canyoning rescue techniques, trip planning, personal and teammate rescue, horizontal and vertical rigging systems, white water canyoning, hydrology, managing a team, group and personal equipment and much more. All of it under guidance of professional instructors from the V7 Team.







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The Canyoning Level 2 training course covers everything you need to know to experience canyoning safely with your friends in moderate-risk canyons. From fine-tuning your personal equipment to pre-descent preparation, from essential rigging to rescue maneuvres, learn in detail and review it as many times as you wish: content prepared by professional canyoning instructors.

Advanced canyoning rigging techniques

Canyoning Rigging

Master the knowledge of rigging: understand rigging theory and obstacle analysis, increase your situational awareness, how to inspect and select appropriate natural anchors, temporary anchors and bolts. Learn not just how to rig releasable (contingency) and retrievable systems and a variety of traverse lines, but when and why to rig it.

canyoning rescue techniques

Essential Rescue

Get the knowledge and theory for rope and water rescue. Learn about the different rescue principles, protocols and risks associated with canyoning rescue. Learn how to perform personal, direct and indirect rescues on the rope and in white water with confidence. Master hauling techniques and where to perform them.

canyoning whitewater courses


Identify water movements and their risks. Acquire technical knowledge on how to swim and cross moving water. Learn different techniques for solo and team river crossing and how to manage equipment through white water.Learn the risks and techniques associated with rappelling and carrying a bag in swift water. Understand floatation theory and duck diving techniques.

Advanced canyoning rigging techniques

Movement on Rope

Master techniques such as; advanced rappelling, improvised descent, passing a deviation, passing a rebelay, different techniques for ascending a rope, descending with mechanical devices, SRT ropework and rope conversions. Become proficient in understanding rope dynamics like fall factor, impact force and dynamic loading.

Advanced canyoning rigging techniques

Pitch Management

Understand rigging tactics and theory as well as anchor management strategies. Learn about sequencing during a descent, the roles of the first and last teammate. How to safely set the rope length and different procedures for rope abrasion management. Learn how to safely clean and manage the risks associated with rope retrieval and more.

canyoning training courses


Become proficient in canyoning hydrology and geology. Learn how to identify different rock types and how they influence the canyons characteristics and state. Learn about different geographical areas, impacts on water flow and canyon types.

canyoning training courses


Learn how to select an appropriate canyon for your descent. How to interpret guide books, topo maps and beta. Understand the effects and risk of weather, acquire the skills to read weather maps and charts to collect data on water catchment areas. Find out where to collect data prior to any trip. Learn about team dynamics, selection, to plan and prepare for emergency situations.

canyoning equipment gear


Learn what personal, team and specialist equipment you should carry in your group. How to select your rigging equipment and understand how your equipment is affected by loads and forces. Become proficient in setting up your personal equipment. Learn how to store, carry and maintain your ropes and gear.

how to tie knots


Learn the terminology for knots, hitches and bends. Understand the names of different manipulations. Master a variety of knots which are commonly used and very helpful for canyoning including the Munter Mule Hitch, Munter Mule Overhand (MMO) and Valdotain Tresse.

how to tie knots


Become proficient in advanced visual and sound signals, learn about different methods of communication and their limitations. Acquire the knowledge of leadership skill and theory and learn how to manage a team on a canyoning descent. Learn how to identify teammates physical and psychological states.

On-demand knowledge

Back from a period without canyoning? Forgot how to perform a technique? Unsure about the use cases of specific methods? Watch the content again and refresh your skills; hey, it's likely we have upgraded the content for you anyway, so make use of our V7 Academy online platform to keep your skills sharp and your stoke high.

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